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You're creating gorgeous new products all the time with your craft cutting machine.  

Constantly checking in with what's trending, you're doing your best to get in on those trends while they are still popular. 

Word's starting to spread about your work and people say they love your items... 

...but then someone else comes in and undercuts your prices, and suddenly all your sales vanish.  

Or maybe people love your work but can't afford your handcrafted items, or worse - they try to haggle you into a price so low you'd be paying THEM to buy your products.  

Now your house is filling up with finished items that won't sell and zillions of unused blanks while your bank account sits sad and empty.  

SO annoying, right?

Fortunately, there's a way out of this cycle!

By creating a clear and niched business identity with unique products, you will:

  • Create a tribe of insanely loyal customers who will adore your business
  • Your competitors will have NO CLUE how to copy you
  • Stop spinning your wheels!

Believe it or not, it is more do-able than you might think.

I have a passion to help your business succeed... you can stop the hamster wheel and start making some progress!


  • To post a brand new product and have your customers immediately rush to buy from you, without hassling you about the price.
  • To have a business that is making so many sales you can FINALLY quit your awful day job (ahhh, I love this one).
  • To be able to afford that special vacation to Disney World for your kids.
  • To breathe easy, not worrying about someone copying your prducts & running off with your sales.

As a small businessperson, you have the advantage of being able to tap micro-niches and inject yourself into your business, creating a brand that customers will flock to and buy from over and over again.

 This is why I created Craft Cutting Business 101. 

This video course is specifically tailored to those of you in craft cutting businesses who struggle with trying to do everything and not having enough time or sales to really make it work. 

It's perfect for those of you who have been looking for the latest and greatest trends, only to become disappointed when those items don't sell for you.

It will help you brand your business and help you stand out even in a crowded, competitive market. And most importantly, it will help you build a tribe of wildly loyal customers who will come to you first with their needs.

Want to know more about what's in the classes? Read on!

In This Course, You Will Learn How To:

Create And Refine Your Brand

You'll learn why you'll make more money by narrowing your focus, but also practical, actionable steps on how to create and refine your business brand to attract buying customers instead of lookie-loos or hagglers.

Create An Irresistible And Hard-To-Copy Product Line

You'll learn how to find your niche, create loyal customers who are uber-fans, and how to to structure your product line to make it difficult for copycats to steal your customers away.

Where And How To Sell Your Products For The Most Sales  

There are many options for where and when you can sell your products without people balking at the price, haggling, or not showing up to pick up their items. You'll learn how to decide which is the best option for you to become profitable and stop wasting your time.


When you buy the Craft Cutting Business course, I'll throw in a $10 credit towards your choice of commercial use SVGs from my Board & Batten Design store!  

With this bonus, the course might as well only be $37!

This is just a quick sampling of my design work - there will be many more designs for you to choose from when you go to redeem the $10 bonus credit!

How do I know if Craft Cutting Business is right for me?

Craft Cutting business is tailor-made for you if you...

  • Have mastered your cutting machine, make some really amazing things, and now want to grow a business to a family-supporting level.
  • If you really want to have a craft cutting business... but don't really have a business background and don't know how to get started.
  • You understand that it takes work to build a business and you are willing to put the time in to learn the skills you need.

However, the program is NOT right for you if you...

  • Just got your machine and haven't quite mastered your product yet. **I strongly advocate learning your machine and get your amazing product down pat before you venture into selling anything. 
  • Are just looking to sell things on a hobby level, to make a few extra bucks on the side or to pay for supplies.
  • If your life is just too busy for you to take the time to focus on learning how to grow your business.

Ready to get started and grow your business?

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What You'll Learn In The Course

Module 1 - Business Efficiency & Maximizing Your Time

Believe it or not, the biggest expense you have in your business is... your TIME. You're a busy person, and you have limited time to spend on your business. I totally get that!

In Module 1, I will teach you my methods for maximizing your efficiency so that you can make the most sales for the time you have available, and have time for the more precious things in life.

Module 2 - Streamline Your Product Line

As craft cutters, we often have a tendency to want to DO ALL THE THINGS. But then we end up with unsold blanks overflowing everwhere and make fewer sales because we've overwhelmed our customer with choices.

In Module 2, I'll teach you how to narrow down your product line to only the best, most profitable products so you can finally reclaim your closet space and stop losing sales because you've overwhelmed your customer with too many things.

Module 3 - Target Market & Niche

In the craft cutting industry, it's way way too easy to fall into the "I can make anything for anyone" rabbit hole. But the truth is, finding a clear niche is key to being successful in business.

In Module 3, I'll teach you how to choose a great niche for your business, and to clearly identify your ideal customer so you can efficiently spend your marketing efforts where they will be the most effective, instead of just throwing things out there randomly and hoping someone buys.

Module 4 - Branding Your Business

In any business, being recognizable is a crucial part of marketing. Customers are more likely to buy from a business they identify with on some level - and part of that is having branding that appeals to them.

In Module 4, I'll teach you how to refine your business brand so that your ideal customer can't help but be magnetically drawn to your business, and will instantly recognize it every time they see you on FB, Pinterest, and everywhere else. 

Module 5 - Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition

Competitors in the craft cutting industry can be ridiculous. The key here is to carve out your niche and "be different" but what does that really MEAN?

In Module 5, I'll explain how to go about this and teach you my step-by-step process to help you learn how to set your business apart and create unique, hard-to-copy products so you don't have to worry about competitors stealing your sales anymore.

Module 6 - Selling Locally Vs. Online

I know you are never sure if you should sell locally or online? On Facebook? Via Craigslist? Etsy? It's so hard to figure out where the best place to sell is!

In Module 5, I will go over the pros and cons to both online selling and local selling, discussing the various options with you and show you how to decide which way is best for you (or if perhaps both are).

Module 7 - Options For Selling Online

Selling online can be so so intimidating! It's overwhelming to figure out what would be the best way to sell online. Etsy? Facebook? eBay? Amazon? Your own website?

In Module 6, I will go over the options, pros and cons of each, and share my firsthand experience with them so that you can make the best choice for you and your business, if you would like to venture into selling online.

Class Extras & Bonuses


I've created a perfect set of complementary worksheets to help you brainstorm, narrow things down, and identify the changes you're going to make in your business.


You'll also get access to the replay of the live Q&A that I did - over two hours of me answering student questions and giving advice for their businesses.


I have a super SUPER easy trick I want to teach you - how you can use Facebook to really quickly narrow down your ideal customer so you can reach the person who is most likely to buy from you!

And don't forget the $10 bonus credit towards commercial use SVGs from my shop!


Q: How is the class organized? A: The class is a series of video classes that you can watch and go through at your own pace. There are 7 engaging class videos, as well as the several bonus videos, and they are between 5 and 20 minutes long.

Q: How long will I have access to the class? A: You will have access to this course forever!

Q: Is this class really just for craft cutting businesses? A: This course is tailored specifically for craft cutting businesses and does include teaching on some of the unique roadblocks we see in our industry. However, many of my students have been able to implement my teachings in other creative businesses as well.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee? A: Yes, absolutely. If you put in the work and can show me you implemented what I teach and it still doesn't work for you, you can contact me for a refund anytime within the first three months of purchase. 

About The Instructor

Bethany is the designer and owner of Board & Batten Design Co., a commercial use SVG company.

With both formal and self-taught education in business & marketing, as well as hands-on experience operating a business since 2012 with her Silhouette Cameo craft cutter, she has learned a TON of business strategies, systems, and tricks for selling her creations.  

Now, her focus is to provide high quality SVG art files for her customers as well as share her business knowledge to help you run a profitable business.

All business aside, Bethany is a single mother of three who lives in a tiny cottage in the woods, and loves black coffee, reading a good sci-fi novel, and growing fresh food in her garden.


Don't you think it's time to stop spinning your wheels and get focused & profitable?